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"Service is Our Tradition Since 1919"

About Schmale Insurance Agency

In 1919, Schmale Insurance and Real Estate was founded by John W. Schmale to add additional services to his other company, Greater Belleville Savings and Loan. The affiliation continued until 1984. At that time, Donald Wilke bought Schmale Insurance Agency from what had then become, American Savings and Loan, and continued to carry the Schmale name.

In 1987 Richard Sedlak, a Producer, became a Partner with Mr. Wilke until the death of Mr. Wilke in 1995. Mr. Sedlak has since served as President of Schmale Insurance Agency.

As we approach our 100th Anniversary we are proud to say that we still represent Travelers Insurance Company, which was our very first carrier in 1919. Today, we continue to exceed the expectations our clientele in the St. Louis and surrounding regions.